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4 Ways to Attend Meetings on the iPad
5 Real Ways Educators Are Using iPads
5 Tips for Reading on the iPad
A Different Way of Handling AUP's
|A Week with an iPad in School - April 2010
An e_Step Forward - June 15, 2010
Apple's Guided Tour of the iPad(Videos)
AWSA Apple iPad Training Resources, links, articles & more
Apple's Volume Purchasing Program for the AppStore
Around the Corner: A List of Educational Uses/Apps for the iPad
Beautiful Examples of iPad Finger Painting
Bethel Park schools: Readin' and writin' and iPads - September 3, 2010
BI firm takes iPads over laptops - Sept 13, 2010
Breaking New Ground in Special Education with the iPad - Oct 2010
Cabinet members getting iPads to reduce paper use - Sept, 2010
California Schools Pilot iPad Agebra Curriculum - Sept 8, 2010
Colleges and Schools Deploying the iPad (updated list)
Copy Your Photos to the iPad
CourseSmart Gives Students Instant Access to College Textbooks
Education Departments Go Wild for the iPad
Educational Apps (Blog)
ePub Bud (Free & low cost children's eBooks for the iPad)
Every Student (Ages 5 - 16) Gets an iPad in Scottish School! - Nov 2010
Exploring the Impact of the iPad on Schools and schooling - ongoing
Florida Schools Get iPads for Classrooms and Administrators - October 2010
GFW School District iPad Use Policy
Henry County Students Armed With iPads - Sept 7, 2010
How Do I Import Photos from an SD card to My iPad?
How The iPad is Changing Med School - Sept 13, 2010
I confess: I bought an iPad (and so far I love it) - July 22, 2010
|iHelp Autism for Autism - August 11, 2010
Interesting Ways to Use the iPad in the Classroom (updated constantly by various teachers giving real-life examples of how they use different apps in the classroom)
Internet 4 Classroooms - Free list of educational apps
iPad Answers - ongoing forum
iPad Apps for Education from ISTE - July, 2010
iPad Apps Supporting VGA/Composite/Component Out (Updated frequently)
iPad Curriculum - collection of the best in applications, practices, and deployment of the iPad as a learning device.
IPad Facilitates E-textbook Revolution at U.S. Schools
iPad for Users with Disabilities
iPad Forum
iPad Memory Card/USB Adapter Released
iPad: More Than A Gadget - Nov 2010
iPads vs Netbooks in the Science Classroom - YouTube Video of actual classroom
iPad Party: Q & A (90 minute video) April 5, 2010
iPad Restriction Settings
iPad Schools - Wiki clearinghouse of applications, lessons ideas and experiences using the iPad in the classroom.
iPad's Are Apple of GFW's Eye
iPad's Promise and How To Use It Now - August, 2010
iPads Are the Apple of GFW's Eye
iPads: Personally, Educationally, and Just for Fun
iPod and iPad User Group Wiki (Focus is K-12)
iPad Launch at Trinity College - YouTube video
iPod Literacy
iPod Touch/iPhone for Administrators (Links to Administrator podcasts)
Local, City, and State Governments Finding Uses for iPads - October, 2010
MacWorld iPad Starter Book (free for your iPad. Requires the iBook app)
Quick and free iPad tips from the author of the Missing Manual
School Board's Agenda May Go Paperless - October 2010
School District Hopes $30K iPad Purchase Will Improve Teacher Performance - Oct 2010
Six Ways the iPad Will Transform Education - February, 2010
Special Education Apps
Speech and Language Therapy Apps
Supercharge Your iPad Browsing with iCab - May 20, 2010
Teaching With Angst - blog about ongoing experience of the introduction of iPads in a Project Management class
Textbook Publishers Embrace the iPad
The Educational Engineer Blog
The iPad as an Educational Tool - July 7, 2010
The Principal's iPad: First Week - Justin Baeder is a public school principal in Seattle, Washington.
Tips for Typing on the iPad
Tools for school – Digital document annotation on an iPad, iPod Touch, or laptop - June 15, 2010
Turn Your iPad into a Whiteboard
VGA out Apps (July 2010)
Virginia Using iPads To Teach Social Studies - Oct 21, 2010
What are the policy issues around One-to-One iPad deployment? - Ongoing discussion
Why the iPad Absolutely Matters (By Matthew E. Rich, Ed. D., a principal at an elementary school in suburban Chicago. It’s a great perspective from progressive educator.)
Why the iPad is for Content Creation in Education
Why iPads are Educationally ‘in’ - Nov 2010
Why One Company Bought 4,500 iPads - Oct 2010
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